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Your kitties will love this Kitty Cloud with charcoal gray straps& zippered cover bottom. The top is a soft elephant gray. This single tier cat bed hangs about 44 with a matching pocket for some yummy catnip or your kittys favorite toy. The pillow cover is about 24 diameter. The cat bed does not come stuffed, the cover zips on the bottom & you can use pillows, blankets, towels, bubble wrap, whatever you have handy! It is machine washable. You can hang these either from the ceiling or wall from a stud with a plant hook and use sisal rope or sturdy plant chain to adjust the height. Hang the Cloud near a window for an amazing view for your kitties. If they arent crazy about the swing right away, you can hang it in a corner or make it long enough to it starts out on the floor. The single beds can even be hung from a door. Kitty Clouds save floor space compared to traditional cat trees. They can easily be pushed aside to clean the floors. High flying bengals love these beds!