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United Kingdom
Apple Mac Macbook Pro mid 2009 13 inch, 250GB hard disk, 4GB RAM. It runs well but may need a new fan, which is very inexpensive and easy to install yourself. In the left corner only affecting the border (it doesnt affect the screen image) the glass is cracked and there is a dent due to a drop many years ago (see picture). I have been using it since the drop and it hasnt affected the way the computer runs. The glass is cracked right along the corner line so it does not affect the screen image at all. There is also a small dent in the bottom left corner of the body casing (due to the same drop). See pictures for details. The keyboard and trackpad are in excellent condition, as is the image portion of the screen. There are a few tiny dents in the casing in other places, and there are scratches on the bottom casing. It is missing a couple of the screws and also 3 of the little stick-on feet from the bottom. I have included pictures of all of this for you to see.