We are ready to pull out the new way of Alphateca ICO where anyone can participate in.

Buy tokens and get your chance to win $10, $20 or $50 every day not depending on the amount of money spent.

It's a win-win chance - you can get three types of benefits by participating in the ICO:

  • 1) As token price will be constantly growing, you can double your investments in the nearest future.
  • 2) ATEC tokens are a real mean of payment which can be used for buying Alphateca ads and promotion services and for buying goods from Alphateca official store.
  • 3) You can also exchange ATEC tokens to cryptocurrency with other Alphateca users.

So, you spend $10 today and after ICO you will get much more + every day you can win money in USD.


  • - The minimum amount is $10
  • - You can buy tokens every day before 3 p.m. UTC
  • - Every participant gets a serial number in Google Spreadsheet
  • - The results will be published in video format at 4 p.m. UTC
  • - The dates: every day from 08/07/18 to 08/10/18
  • - The winner will receive $10, $20 or $50 in USD on his eth wallet on the same day

How to participate:

1. Sign up HERE and buy tokens. Notice! You don't need to pass KYC

2. Create a post on Facebook, Twitter or VK mentioning Alphateca ICO, add the link to the site ico.alphateca.com and write hashtags #alphateca and #becryptoone

3. Get your tokens and your money