Partner program

The main goal is to attract new stores and sellers to the Alphateca platform Supported languages: German, English and Russian.

Important theses when communicating with seller/store:

  • - Cryptocurrency is used not as a mean of investment but as an alternative means of payment.
  • - You do not need to spend time on connecting enquiry.
  • - You can use platform traffic as an additional trading tool
  • - There are a lot of convenient services to increase conversion

You can use any method of communication to attract people. Email, calls, personal acquiantance, social networks

Your items or services must not be connected with cryptocurrency Categories: Services, ICO, Job vacancies, For business do not take part in the program

Program geography:

In order to avoid fraud and bot boost the campaign has the following restrictive measures:

  • - All fees are paid with a delay of 2 weeks because of new items being moderated and checked
  • - Payment is in one period increment (i.e., if you attracted users from July 1 -14, the rewards will be received on August,1)
  • - A task is considered successfully completed when the user’s referal account placed items with description and remained active for at least 2 weeks.
  • - EUR reward is paid only for the first::
    100 registered stores (all in all) that placed their items and succeed the moderation.
    50 private sellers that placed items and succeed the moderation.